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[fontforge-users] Announcing Libspiro - version libspiro_beta.0.3.20150118

Spiro is the creation of Raph Levien, which simplifies the drawing of
beautiful curves. Libspiro is a shareable library that can be used by
programs to do the Spiro computations for you.

This is a pre-release before announcing an official ver 0.3.20150xxx.
This Beta has everything expected to be in ver 0.3.20150xxx when
it is announced. Target date is January 31st.

Main improvements in this pre-release are fixes for libspiro package
definitions (not completed in tagpoint 0.2.20131203) allowing other
programs to seek libspiro using PKG_CHECK_MODULES().
A more detailed verification can be found in these bugfixes:

This Beta release remains at version 0.2

To download a *.tar.gz or *.zip copy, please go to:

Files installed for this Beta_0v3 LibSpiro release are:


If you find problems with this Beta version that need improvement
or fixing, please report back soon so that they can be included in
version 0.3.20150xxx.


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