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[fontforge-devel] Announcing Libspiro - version libspiro 0.4.20150701

Spiro is the creation of Raph Levien, which simplifies the drawing of
beautiful curves. Libspiro is a shareable library that can be used by
programs to do the Spiro computations for you.

LibSpiro is now updated to version 0.4.20150701.

Features with this new update:
    * Re-edit lib and tests to be more accommodating of older compilers.
    * Many changes to call-test.c to run on bigger variety of platforms,
      and some minor configure.ac tweaks done to resolve issues #9, #10.
      as seen on https://github.com/fontforge/libspiro/issues (closed).
    * Added make check test for cyclic spiros (data without {} or z).
    * Verify libspiro output data is correct for test curves {0,1,2,4}.
    * User can overide default configure flags with LS_CFLAGS and LS_LIB

A more detailed explanation can be found by following the git
commits shown at: https://github.com/fontforge/libspiro

Building this release depends on you being able to run:
autoreconf -i
before you can run the usual build instructions of:
make check
sudo make install

To download a *.tar.gz or *.zip copy, please go to:

Files installed for this 0v4 LibSpiro release are:


Joe Da Silva

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