[fontforge-devel] Announcing - LibUniNamesList Version 20160701 (Unicode 9.0)

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[fontforge-devel] Announcing - LibUniNamesList Version 20160701 (Unicode 9.0)

LibUniNamesList is now updated to version 1.0 (from 0.5)
LibUniNamesList-fr is now updated to version 1.0 (from 0.4)

Features with this new update:
  * Names and annotations are updated to Unicodes Version 9.0
    This adds 7500 new characters, for a new total of 128,172 characters.
  * LibUniNamesList-fr currently remains at Unicodes Version 7.0
  * Thanks to @lemzwerg for differentiating and correcting library versions
    Due to the significant change, plus having noted Fedora Debian and some
    distros having a so-bump of 1, it seemed best to skip going to 0.6 and
    go directly to version (CRA) 1.0.0 for both libraries. The library name
    and package have also been shortened down from c.r.yyyymmdd to yyyymmdd

To download a *.tar.gz or *.zip copy, please go to:

To build a copy, you will need to:
autoreconf -i
./configure    ( optional --enable-frenchlib )
sudo make install

The steps above will add or update your libuninameslist to version 1.0

Files installed are:

...if you choose "./configure --enable-frenchlib" then added files are:
(NOTE: no changes to this library, except for CRA version correction).


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