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Unexpected size results

Hello all...

I'm working on my first font with ff and have run into a problem
I don't understand at all.  I hope someone on the list can help
explain what's going on.

To generate patterns to work from, I created a 1024 high pixel
array in P'shop 7, chose a nominal point size (1000) that fit
within the bounds without crowding, and saved off an 'n' and 'o'
as the first patterns.

After outlining them with beziers and cleaning up the off-by-one
problems, I generated a .woff font and tried it out, again in

The chars were MUCH smaller than I expected.  At an indicated
48pt,  the 'n' and 'o' are only about 25 pixels high.  I was
expecting them to be on the order of 40 pixels high, given that
they're about 570 high in ff's edit box coordinates.

I've always had a sort of dyslexia for numbers, so I generally
have to contend with never getting them quite right the first
time.  But this feels unusually far off the mark!

What did I do wrong?  


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