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George Williams
On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 04:25, Peter Dyballa wrote:
> Is Fontforge's built-in 8r encoding up-to-date? Last autumn -- ahemm,
> autumn 2002 a change happened, some MacRoman glyphs were incorporated,
> but not all maintainers of the TeX fragments did update. The correct
> version is here:
FontForge does not have 8r built in. You have to load that yourself from
the enc file.

> How can I teach Fontforge my "8p" encoding? This way:
> LoadEncodingFile("8p.enc")
> Reencode("TeXTextExtrasEncoding")
> because the encoding file starts with
> %!PS-Adobe-3.0 Resource-Encoding
> % @psencodingfile{
In a rush at the moment. My parser may not handle comments, I'll look
into that later. Try stripping them out.

> And the TT glyph names are usually not the same as the PS glyph names,
> which made me write a Perl script to change the glyph names in the AFM
> files ttf2pt1 produced so that fontinst sees the proper names ...
If the glyph names are wrong, and you depend on glyph names then you
need to fix them up. FF won't do this for you. But you could write a
script for it.

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