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Ralf Stubner
[hidden email] wrote:

> It might be, though it is a bit strange that the new font works but just the
> space width. There might be a problem with the font server, too. I change the
> UID of the new font, anyway. And, as far as I tested it, the space did not
> work only for Type1.

Do you have t1disasm installed? It comes with the t1utils from Eddie
Kohler. If not, I would install the t1utils, as they are really usefull.
With t1disasm you can then translate your PFB files into human readable
form. Search for 'space' and have a look if the character has a width
definied or not. As I said, I have no problem with producing Type1 fonts
with a space character of nonzero width using ff.


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