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New "Unifont Upper" Font for Fontforge

Paul Hardy
Dear Fontforge Developers,

Note that recent Unifont distributions have the ordinary "Unifont" font for Plane 0, but a second font for higher planes: "Unifont Upper".  The latest version of this new font is here:

It was necessary to create a second font because of TrueType's hard limit of 65,536 glyphs per font.

Along with Fontforge looking for Unifont, I recommend that it now also look for Unifont Upper as a fallback font.  Unifont Upper will contain glyphs in the Supplemental Multilingual Plane (Plane 1) and Plane 14.  I do not intend to have any glyphs in Plane 2; that range is best handled by Wen Quan Yi.  You can see a list of the scripts that Unifont Upper currently contains at

All the best,

Paul Hardy

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