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Microsoft Word 2016 (Windows) Ligatures

David Madden
I have a TrueType font that includes several ligatures, but they appear
to be in non-standard locations so that MSWord-2016 can't use them
properly.  (Specifically, the font has fi and fl in 0xf001 and 0xf002,
instead of 0xfb01, 0xfb02 ... as far as I've been able to figure out.)

MSWord-2016 definitely handles ligatures properly: I have another font
(OpenType) that works correctly.

Is there a simple procedure or tutorial for getting from TrueType with
mis-mapped ligatures, into OpenType with correct mappings?  (I'd like to
fix this the Correct Way...I can do a search & replace as a one-off
patch, but I edit a _lot_ of text and really need this to work without
messing up spell checking and interchange of documents with other
editors.  I'm sure this can be fixed in the font, and I'm pretty sure
that's the right place to fix it.)

Thanks very much for any pointers!
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