Mac Alt/Option hotkeys not as in hotkeys file

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Mac Alt/Option hotkeys not as in hotkeys file

FontForge version of 26 May 2015 in XQuartz on Mac. The master hotkeys file is (supposedly) /Applications/

One line in that file says FontView.Menu.Edit.Find / Replace...:Alt+Ctl+F but Ctrl-Option-F brings up the File menu.

Another line says FontView.Menu.Edit.Copy Lookup Data:Alt+Ctl+C but Ctrl-Option-C brings up the CID menu.

My real problem is customization. In the file ~/.config/fontforge/hotkeys I wrote:

FontView.Menu.Element.Style.Change Glyph...:Alt+Ctl+\
CharView.Menu.Element.Styles.Change Glyph...:Alt+Ctl+\

and now Ctrl-Option-\ brings up the Change Glyph window, as I wanted. But after I added the line

FontView.Menu.Edit.Select.Glyphs Worth Outputting:Alt+Ctl+A

the combination Ctrl-Option-A immediately kills FontForge.

Where is the real hotkeys file?