Imported SVGs are deformed by FontForge

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Imported SVGs are deformed by FontForge

Gé van Gasteren-2
​Nothing like such "threats" to stir the community! :)
I hadn’t seen the images you attached (as I’m on digest) before, but now I finally had a look...

This isn’t my area of expertise at all, but I get the impression a real conversion has taken place here, like from 3rd-degree bezier curves to quadratic ones. Usually, that shouldn’t make a big difference, but your font has relatively few anchor points and very thin lines, so maybe it has in this case. Also, there is a best-practice way to set points, and I think deviating from that could have produced this effect.

My question for more knowledgeable people in here: Is it possible (on importing SVGs or on setting up a font) to choose conversion to OpenType (cube paths) i.s.o. to TrueType (quadratic curves)? If there is, that may solve the problem.

Here’s some background info on this and related issues like "extrema points" – although this page does suggest that the difference only matters at the font generation stage:

On 6 May 2017 at 10:19, <[hidden email]> wrote:
On 6 May 2017 at 10:10, Simon Håkansson <[hidden email]> wrote:

Thanks for your suggestions Gé van Gasteren and cratch65535, changing the em size did nothing, the problems remain even when I set it to the max of 16384. 

I think I'll have to look into other font creation software

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