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Fwd: [fontforge-announce] Illustrator to Fontforge?

Nathan Willis-4

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From: Hübner Peter <[hidden email]>
Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 9:17 AM
Subject: [fontforge-announce] Illustrator to Fontforge?
To: [hidden email]


my characters are already drawn with Illustrator,
which is my favorite vector program.

Unfortunately copy + paste from Illu to Fontforge doesn’t work (on my Mac).

Is there any solution?

Hi Peter,

Well, FontForge on Linux does import SVGs through cut-and-paste for me — what version(s) are you working with? It could be a bug, in which case it would be good to get it fixed.

Regardless of the answer, however, FF should be able to import SVGs anyway — using "Import..." from the File menu. In fact, I would recommend that instead and would expect it to work better anyway. The reason being that using Import would let you know what sort of offsets (in X and Y coordinates) to expect, while copying and pasting from somewhere in the middle of a document would likely not.

Also, as a side issue, I decided to send this reply to the "fontforge-users" mailing list, rather than the "fontforge-announce" list, so that's why the addresses differ in the mail headers. In theory the announce list is just supposed to be news of new FF releases, and so you're just going to find lots more readers who may be able to help answer your questions if you go to the users list. (If you're not subscribed, you should do that!)


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