Family naming doesn't work?

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Family naming doesn't work?

I've created some scratch fonts, AAA, AAA-Italic, AAA-Condensed,
and AAA-BoldCondensed.  Following the example of Bitstream's
fonts, I gave the first two the AAA family name, but a separate
family name AAA-Cn for the other two.  

But only one in each family appeared in InDesign's or Corel's
font list.  To get them all to show up, I had to assign a
separate family name to each one.

I can't find any mention of this being a known bug, so apparently
I'm doing something wrong.  

All constructive advice *greatly* appreciated!

(I'm running the 04 April port of Fontforge under FreeBSD 10.3,
and XPsp3 on my other dev machine)

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