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FF still exiting abruptly - more info

Clair Dunn
[In case someone is reading this without the earlier msgs. on this
topic, I am running 32-bit Linux Mint with current updates.]

After the last exit I rebooted the machine and tried again with the
terminal with these results:

The UI came up with the last glyph I was working on, and when I clicked
on the chart to open another glyph, the program exited.

While the UI was up, the terminal window contained the following:

clair@LINUX-MAIN ~ $ fontforge
Copyright (c) 2000-2014 by George Williams. See AUTHORS for Contributors.
  License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
  with many parts BSD <http://fontforge.org/license.html>. Please read
  Based on sources from 02:25 UTC  5-Apr-2016-ML-D.
  Based on source from git with hash:
no xdefs_filename!
TESTING: getPixmapDir:/usr/share/fontforge/pixmaps
TESTING: getShareDir:/usr/share/fontforge
TESTING: GResourceProgramDir:/usr/bin
trying default theme:/usr/share/fontforge/pixmaps/resources
PyFF_onAppClosing() cnt:1
SplineFontPieceMeal() going unhinted...

After I clicked the chart to bring up another glyph these terminal
messages appeared when the exit occurred:

calling CVChangeSC() sc:0x84f4280 p
Segmentation fault

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