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Chinese Characters overlap

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Yes, I put the Chinese character "zhong" in uni4E2E. The old problem is sloved by choosing the right Font information as regard to "os/2".
Now I have a new problem. The Chinese charaters overlap but the English letters and numbers don't. Someone help me with this? Thanks a lot.

发件人:scratch65535 <[hidden email]>
发送时间:2017年7月8日(星期六) 01:35
收件人:gyfang <[hidden email]>; Discussion forum for fontforge users <[hidden email]>
主 题:Re: [fontforge-users] Problem with Chinese font (1)

On Fri, 07 Jul 2017 09:31:38 +0800, you wrote:

> generated Chinese font for testing with Fontforge which works well in 
>Adobe Acrobat but does not work in MS Word. Actually I only designed 
>three glyphs which are "0", "A", and the Chinese character "?". The font file is "Zhong0A.ttf".
> It can be opened by Windows font-viewer like this. They all look fine.But 
>when I apply the font in MS word, only "A" And "0" work, while  does not.

What slot did you put the "zhong" char into?  If you put it into
the usual unicode slot for it ( 4E2D, aka 20,013), it's far out
of reach of a western keyboard.  And MSWord is not particularly
smart, so I'd be surprised if it had understood how to let you
get at chars in the hanzi range---I have to use dedicated
keyboard mappings just to get 8-bit slavic-language chars without
resorting to charmap..

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