BDF to TTF: agglomerating multiple bitmaps.

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BDF to TTF: agglomerating multiple bitmaps.

Michaël Cadilhac
Hi there people!

I'm a complete and utter font newbie, hopefully not asking the same
question for the 42nd time.  I appreciate any help on the following

I wish to agglomerate some bitmap fonts (specifically, Markus Kuhn's
Misc-Fixed fonts <>) into
a single TTF font that allows some extrapolated variable size.  My
default font is 9x15, which I can autotrace pixel-by-pixel so that it
looks perfect at 9pt, and blurry-but-ok at other sizes, following
George Williams's answer here:

Now, optimally, I'd like to use the fine work of Kuhn to a bigger
extent.  More precisely, I'd like the TTF font to extrapolate:
- from the 4x6 font for sizes up to 4,
- from the 5x7 font for sizes up to 5,
- ...
- from the 10x20 font for sizes greater or equal to 10.

By "extrapolating", I mean that it should use the pixelized autotraced
version within that range.

Questions: 1. Does it make any sense? 2. Is it doable? 3. How so?

Thanks very much for your help!


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