Announcing - LibUniNamesList 10.0_beta 20170319

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Announcing - LibUniNamesList 10.0_beta 20170319

For anyone interested in trying-out unicode NamesList 10.0_beta (before it
is released in June), you may want to download the ZIP file located in this
branch directory here:

This update maintains the existing library 1.0 version, and will reply as
version 9.9 (not 10.0).

To build this library, you will need to run:
autoreconf -i

before you can run these steps:
./configure   ( optional --enable-frenchlib still at ver7.0)
sudo make install

Another option is to download "libuninameslist-dist-20170319beta.tar.gz"
This is for users who cannot run autoreconf or automake. This only needs:
./configure   ( optional --enable-frenchlib still at ver7.0)
sudo make install

Files installed are:

...if you choose "./configure --enable-frenchlib" then added files are:


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