Adobe Source Han Sans CN (seemingly) misplaced characters

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Adobe Source Han Sans CN (seemingly) misplaced characters

Andrei Anishchenko

I am trying to use FontForge to create a TTF file for Adobe Source Han
Sans CN font, using the respective OTF one. I noticed that when using
OTF version, "Fullwidth colon" character (U+FF1A) is displayed
correctly in applications like MS Word and that, but when I try to use
my cooked up version of TTF, I see something completely different
instead of this character, something that resembles me Katakana Ha

After that I tried to open OTF file again with FontForge and see what
is actually in the FF1A slot (using View -> Goto menu item). Please
see the results here:
It seems that the whole page is misplaced completely.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with font business at all, just
trying to follow multiple instructions (sometimes contradictory ones),
so I may have screwed things on several levels. Then, I am not
Chinese, nor am I Japanese, so I don't know how this thing works and
where these characters are supposed to sit.
What do I do wrong? Did I open the font wrong? May this be a bug in FontForge?

Thank you!


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